Our Terms of Service have been written in order to protect our clients and ourselves to ensure we deliver a stable, reliable product and quality network. We ask that you read our policies so that you can assist us in keeping our servers and network free of abuse, which will ensure quality performance for everyone.

When you sign up for any of our services, you are agreeing to our terms of service. Although we will do our best to work with our customers in the event of a breech of policy, we will also take a firm line when necessary to protect our other customers and network.

Our TOS includes the following categories. You can click on each individual area to be taken to the individual pages or review and click on the next button to progress through the complete TOS:

Please read the following Terms Of Service agreement before proceeding, then continue ordering. Perakweb policy is to act as a neutral provider of access to the global Internet. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided by us if it is decided that the account has been inappropriately used.

– If there is an abuse complaints made to your website, you need to respond in 24 hours.
– You are responsible for your own content and must not use our service for illegal and prohibited purpose by the laws of Malaysia.
– Failure to respond will result to your service is suspended/ terminated/ transferred or any other means.
– Violating of terms of services may lead to your sudden account termination with or without notice.
– We reserve the right to disable any material from Client’s web space that is reasonably deemed unacceptable.
– We reserve the right to suspend Client’s account our discretion if prohibited material is discovered.
– All premium themes/plugins are belong to us and it free to use as long your website use our shared hosting.
– For web design usually it takes 7 working day for 6 page after all detail was given to us.
– Not all package have access to editor/admin.
– We did not give cPanel access to client to protect our security, our network, premium theme/plugin.
-If the website is ready, balance payment balance must be cleared within 7 days
– With the payment of the deposit you will be deemed to have read and agree to the terms of our services
– Job will be calculated done if the delay comes from the customer after we have given the draft of work (The duration of the customer’s delay is 7 days)
– If client drag/delay 7 day/late/to many change and add on different  first detail info that have been give to us amend will be given for 1 times only without major edit
– The change term of condition can be made with or without notice.
– For hosting change we just give the html file website.
– We will not cooperate/promoting in violating or againts sharia / islamic law
– Product againts Islamic law or sharia will be not publish in website, if publist by client itself, the hosting will be risk of termination by our side and the source file/website file will not been given for not promoting the violation againts Islam law
– Every hosting & vps renew price we have our mark up price or special price.
– We will put our website link in yuor footer area for marketing/Trademark and it cant been remove as long you using our premium/pro theme
– Spamming, or sending of bulk unsolicited email. We maintain a strict policy on spamming, which includes the sending of unauthorized commercial messages by use of our services, or by maintaining an open SMTP connection. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service based on reasonable indications that you are engaged in spamming of any sort. Spamming will result to immediate termination of the services.

For Fb Ads we provide service
– Manage & run Fb Ads
– Area Targeting Setting
– Age & Gender Targeting Setting
All costs for advertising will be set according to our suitability.
The remaining advertising costs will not be refunded if there is a balance after the expiration of the advertisement date.

Business Card design
– Select / Choose the readmade template.
– Variety elegent business card template
– Add / replace logo to tamplate

-Simple Webview app / Progressive Web Apps

– Color printing is likely to run slightly from preview due to rgb and cmyk mode to offset printing
– We are not responsible for damages made by the courier


Perakweb wll not be held responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer. Perakweb makes no warranties of any kind,

expressed or implied, for services rendered. Interserver disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular

purpose. Perakweb assumes no liability for disruptions or improper operation of its equipment or software for any reason, including,

but not limited to, vandalism, theft, phone service outages, Internet disruptions, human error, extreme or severe weather conditions

or any other causes in the nature of “Acts of God” or force majeure. Perakweb will not be responsible for consequential damages or

Layout customization is for general part of page. For woocommerce or other third party we not cover it unless for add on plugin that can customize it

punitive or exemplary damages under any circumstances. In no case will Client be entitled to recover damages from Perakweb.